Starting a website and new business venture has been more difficult than I originally thought. Not necessarily the mechanics or technical aspect (which is obviously a challenge) but I’ve found the actual starting and sharing to be way harder. Writing my first post has been something I’ve put off for months now but since everything else is ready to go, it’s time I hunker down and just get it done. I’m hoping that like any other journey the first step is the biggest and that after this it will all get easier. Optimism is a good thing, yes? So I guess I’ll start by explaining why I’m here and what I hope to accomplish in this space; my newly carved little corner of the internet.

In September, my family and I moved for the second time in the same year across country and came back to San Diego, where we had been living for 8 years prior to my summer hiatus back home in Boston. The plan was to put our six-month-old son into daycare and I would return to work as an analyst for the same company I had been with for nearly a decade. But the facility for childcare was full (and we’re still waitlisted…nearly a year later!) so I quit my job to stay home with our son. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled with the option of putting my tiny infant into daycare and my work environment had become quite toxic so it made the decision a whole lot easier. And even though I knew I made the right call for my family, I was having a really tough time coming to grips with my newfound role as SAHM.

I have worked and earned an income since the fifth grade. FIFTH GRADE. Yes, it was technically child labor and yes, I made $2/hour sorting hangers at a consignment shop but it was an income and it was mine. I had never been unemployed since. I got my official working papers at 14 and worked through high school at Dunkin’ Donuts. In college, I tutored and interned and then worked remotely from school for the company I interned with. I had a job offer before I graduated and even when I made the decision to move to San Diego two years after graduation it was not without a job lined up. The same job that I just quit in October after never quitting anything in my life. So being unemployed is hard for me.

Don’t get me wrong, being a stay-at-home-mom is HARD WORK. My hands are full and far from idle but it can be pretty monotonous and mind dulling work. I went from modelling complex financial situations to pleading with a toddler not to put a ::foot:: in his own poop as I change his diaper. You can pretty much interchange any word for ::foot:: in that sentence and it still works. So I needed something else. I made a resolution to learn some new skills; to both keep my brain sharp and to increase my human interaction with individuals that don’t count their age in months. And maybe, hopefully, even parlay all that into a lucrative employment opportunity down the road. I was looking for something that would allow me to unleash my long-stifled creative side while maintaining a flexible schedule.

I have always loved photography; I have a decent camera, a good eye and two talented younger siblings that have inspired me. I had been taking pictures of my son this past year and my passion for family photography has grown as fast as he has. So I started courses a few months ago and in the meantime taught myself some basic website building and graphic design and here I am. My plan is to share my journey, inspirations and projects (both photographic and general DIY) here on my site and I hope that if you ever need a family photographer you’ll consider booking a session with me.

Warmest regards, Lissa Lynne

3 thoughts on “The First Post

  1. Very well said! Good luck in your new venture. I’m sure you will be great!❤️❤️Auntie Linda

  2. Congratulations and good luck on your new chapter in life I am so proud of you and I know whatever you are determined to do in life will be a success!

  3. Like the saying go’s hard work and good things happen.You have put the hard work in. Congratulations💜💙💚

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